Introducing Miriam Orschel

Miriam Orschel

Trainer & Youth Program Instructor

Miriam Orschel brings a strong background in classical equitation and holistic horsemanship to WHMF’s students and clients. She strives to create a solid foundation of groundwork and correct riding position with her students, helping them to find balance, stay focused and follow the movement of the horse.

Miriam also has a passion for rehabilitating clients’ sensitive and complex horses by utilizing groundwork to promote and develop balance and straightness of movement.

She believes that a solid understanding of the founding principles of classical equitation, equine biomechanics, and listening to the horse are the basis for good horsemanship and riding, regardless of discipline and breed.

In addition to being an excellent teacher, she is the founder of Hooves 101, where she teaches and gives seminars on the anatomy of the equine foot relating to pathologies of the hoof and how to correct hoof and biomechanical problems in the horse’s body.

Horsemanship Lessons