Clay Wright – August 2023 5-Day Intensive Clinic

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This clinic will comprise of Arena In-Hand and Mounted Work followed by training in the ‘Mountain Trail Obstacle Park’ on our Internationally rated trail course.

Clay is a scholar and teacher of classical dressage. His patient, clear and thorough way of teaching helps people and horses relax and absorb the lessons of balance and refinement. Participants will gain confidence and learn how to perform to their maximum potential by learning how to understand the ‘intelligence’ of the heart of the horse.

The true essence of the horse and nature are one. Each reflects the other. Yet, the horse as well as nature are both light and dark. Clay Wright works with the horse in this realm. You can learn to do the same. For working within this realm is what is truly effective and understandable to the horse, without destroying the horse’s true nature.


  • CLASS A:  FULL DAY 9:00AM – 4:00PM… price $1,099 per rider
  • CLASS A:  HALF DAY morning or afternoon… price $625 per rider

Class includes:

9:00AM – 10:00AM:  “Biometrics & Philosophies” and “The Power of Presense” classroom presentations (breakfast included)

10:30AM – 12:30PM:  In-Hand:  Foundation Principles of Hosemanship – from the basic work in the halter up to teaching the lateral work to build collection.

1:00PM – 4:00PM:  Riding:  Foundation Principals of Hosemanship – from novice to advanced riders. Includes adjusting the paces within the gaits; normal, working, medium, collected, and lengthend.

  • CLASS B:  LATE DAY 4:00PM – 7:00PM… price $625 per rider

Refined Horsemanship – Arena
Advanced, upper level work
As this is an advanced clinic, participants must be approved by Clay


Non-refundable deposit: $200 when booking
Stalls/paddocks: $35/day
RV sites:  $25/night OR Bunkhouse-style Lodging: $75/night


  • CLASS A & B FULL DAY:  9:00AM – 7:30PM… price $45/day and includes breakfast and presentations. PRE-REGISTRATION is required – email
  • CLASS A & B SHORT DAY:  10:30AM – 7:30PM

    Arena In-Hand & Mounted
    3-day package: $80
    5-day package: $120

For more information and registration, please contact event organizer, Linda Wagner.

Download the Clay Wright 5-Day Intensive Clinic flyer.

Download the Clay Wright 2023 Private Lesson flyer with all the dates thorough the year.




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    Half Day Preference:

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    Download and sign this waiver and email it to Linda or bring it to the event.

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