Horses help to heal the human spirit.

At Wild Horse Mountain Farms, our goal is to always work towards understanding the horses’, and our students’, thoughts and feelings.

Our mission is to help  students understand how to build a trusting relationship with their horse, to teach them not to make ‘judgements’, to help them develop a powerful sense of their own integrity, and to feel a respect and kinship with all living things.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

— Winston S. Churchill

About Wild Horse Mountain Farms

Linda Wagner
When my husband and I first traveled to Oregon to begin our search for land, we came across an old hand painted street sign on top of Parrett Mountain, in Sherwood, Oregon.

I knew in my heart that driving down that old gravel road would lead to a future in wellness, both for the horse and it’s owner. For the past twelve years, I have watched my dreams come into reality and take form as Wild Horse Mountain Farms!

Wellness and foundational horsemanship is the primary focus at WHMF. True wellness stems from thoughtful horsemanship. We believe that patience and mindfulness produces learning, understanding, trusting, and connecting with our equine companions.

I have come to embrace that the mind of the rider must come from a place of empathy when interacting with these magnificent animals. A ‘soft mind’ is produced in a horse when a handler is willing to nurture. I firmly believe that horses are healers of the human spirit.

Join Us on the Mountain

Meet the Team

Miriam OrschelTrainer & Youth Program Instructor
Miriam considers herself more than just a practitioner in the art of horsemanship, but an artist and scholar with a lifelong passion for all animals. Her dedication to working with the nature of the horse, not against it, has led to immense respect and honor for each equine she encounters. With over two decades of experience, Miriam incorporates her profound knowledge of horse and rider biomechanics into her work, believing that a solid base and clear communication are integral components for an effective partnership, no matter what discipline it may be in.

Through her vast experience of working with horses, Miriam makes it a priority to continue her studies through books and written works by the old masters such as Nuno Oliveira and Tom Dorrance, as well as focused personal development and consistent continuing mentorship. Her commitment to furthering her education and understanding is a testament to her love for horses, and her unwavering dedication to the art of horsemanship.

Kelly van BaddenInstructor
With over 35 years of riding experience in various disciplines, Kelly has found a balance of consent-based horsemanship and a solid partnership that will extend the connection beyond the arena.

While continuing education in equine and human biomechanics, Kelly enjoys teaching the why and how of better riding, focusing on what is best for the horse’s longevity as well as how to balance the body while balancing the mind of both horse and rider. She enjoys starting riders from the beginning and working with those that have been riding for years but need a better path in partnering up with their horse through groundwork, in-hand work, and in the saddle.

Outside of the teaching arena, Kelly enjoys competing in working equitation, miles of trail rides, continuing education with her mentors in French-based Classical Dressage, and furthering her knowledge in all aspects of the horse.

Maya WilliamsInstructor
Maya believes true horsemanship can be a quiet dance between horse and rider. Allowing the animal to be its true self, and allowing yourself to do the same, creates an environment of trust and respect. To work through and past spots of resistance in the body and mind, and refine the aids enough to be able to whisper to your equine partner is a magical feeling. Her goal is to help facilitate that type of understanding, inquisitive, and patient relationship that we all seek as equestrians.

Maya has been riding and around horses for over 15 years, and has evolved in her own horsemanship during that time. She is constantly learning from the horses, and taking regular lessons to continue her own education. Having the opportunity to share her experience and knowledge, and continue learning alongside students, has been an incredible pleasure for Maya.