“Being Herd” 2-Day Clinic

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Lucinda B’s “Being Herd” Clinic – 2 Day


Saturday, August 19 (6:00-8:30 pm) and Sunday, August 20 (9:00am-4:00pm)

Join us Saturday night to see what it’s all about. Then come on Sunday if you want.

Scheduling details here


Wild Horse Mountain Farms. Beautiful bunkhouse accommodations are available for overnight (503) 896-7973 Linda


“Being Herd” is Seeing vs. Looking and Feeling Heard. Once learned, you can accomplish great things with your horse. ​This supportive information can be used with, and enhances, any discipline.​

It can seem like “Sharing Space” and “Getting Things Done” are 2 different things. One minute we are loving on them and the next moment we are asking them to do something. The secret is in how we engage in the “asking”.

Fortunately, horses don’t mind, and even seem to enjoy, working and living amongst us as long as they can find safety and resources. What scares them is when they feel alone or don’t understand what is being asked of them. The bottom line is they have a biological need to feel safe. When we offer them consistent, clear support, they immediately begin to consider the human part of the herd- even if it’s just the two of you.

The intent behind your actions in “Being Herd” is immediately recognized by the horse as authentic.

This can be learned.

Horses never daydream. They’re always scanning for danger. Humans daydream constantly- it’s hard not to. When you get distracted and break the “Low Connection” they count on for stability of the herd, they get confused and worried. Maintaining this connection is how brilliant horse people make it look so effortless to perform at very high levels.

With practice holding your concentration, strengthening your motor skills and offering “Clarity of the Ask”, you too will experience being in alignment, and in connection, with your horse.

Once you feel this, you will have agency to accomplish any task you choose.


Register today and make your plans to attend this groundbreaking clinic. Only $275.

Clinic Description

On sight accommodations – contact Linda at (503) 896-7973 or email 

Private Lessons with Lucinda B. will be available on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday after the clinic by contacting: admin@lucindab.com


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